‘Toybox’ scene - Unity game engine


A scene that I constructed to introduce my Game Development (100 level) students at Massey University to basic level design, environment design, functionality and scripting in Unity 3D.

The scene contains:

• ‘Box-making’ machines which instantiate a textured cardboard box every n seconds, using the location of an empty GameObject

• Conveyor belts which move those boxes toward the location of an empty GameObject

• Incinerators which destroy cardboard boxes and respawn the player

• A respawn system that recovers the player when it jumps or falls into the water (and into lava pits)

• Portals to assist with transport and be included in puzzles

• Emissive materials

• A post-processing profile and behaviour to enhance the games visuals

• Buttons that change their material and the colour of signal lights on MouseDown

• A button that triggers an iTween door animation

• A button that stops the box-making machines from producing boxes

• Two kinds of pick-ups

• A simple inventory system which registers those pickups

• A simple UI which displays player respawns and pickups

• A simple expiry script that removes any objects that have been sitting idle for a given period of time

• An animated introduction clip

• A UI reticle to assist with targeting button-presses

• A ‘trick’ platform (Cube with no adherence to gravity) which plunges the player into the water if they try to step on it

• A ‘disco floor’ involving tiles that light up when the player steps on them